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Jotting Judi

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Scraps of Compassion

    It started with an ad I placed in the Dalhart Texan for scraps of material to use for making quilts.  A lady called saying she had a box for me to pick up.  When I arrived at the house I saw several children, all appearing to be near the same age and immediately speculated; she must run a day care!  I soon discovered the children were hers; a four-year-old and two-year-old triplets!

    We chatted about fabric, children and other topics of interest as I loaded my trunk with several boxes of useable material pieces.  As I was about to leave, I asked one more question, “Where do ya’ll go to church?”  

    “Well honey,” she began, “we don’t go.  The last two churches we went to were a disappointment to us and we haven’t been back.”  This caused the hair to rise slightly on my neck as I replied, “Well, you would be welcome to worship with us.”  

    I alerted our children’s director that a LARGE family of “little people” just might be coming the following Sunday.  We began to prepare.  Realizing our tiny nursery would not be adequate; we designated a larger room for the toddlers and put the staff on alert for their arrival.  They came!  They bonded! They joined our fellowship!

    She called often to share items she no longer needed, and I did my best to find someone who could use them.  She gave me a portable crib and a double stroller to use for our “nearly the same age” grandbabies.  They purchased a swing set for the playground at church; generosity is her special gift.

    We laughed and praised together over good things. We walked though the sorrow of the death of her mother.   We stood together in the cold last Saturday morning hugging and weeping; then, each pulling a trailer, they pulled out of Dalhart headed for their new home and employment in East Dallas.  I gave the babies each special bear hugs and kisses and watched as they waved goodbye though the windows.  My heart sank.

    Back at home I surfed the web.  Did we have a church in the town where they were headed?  Yes! There it was.  I dialed the number and got an answer on Saturday morning! (It was a God thing.)  I passed the baton!

    When they pulled into their drive, four families from their “new” church were waiting for them and in twenty minutes, unloaded their cargo and welcomed them to their new home!  She called; “How did you do it?” she squealed.  “It all started with a box of scraps,” I replied, “and God did the rest.”

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