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Jotting Judi

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Memory Lane

    While Janda was here from Portland we made a trip down memory lane; well, Sagebrush Road, where she lived and played as a child.

    As we turned the corner in front of the home where she grew up, I caught the look of surprise on her face.  When we moved there, the house was plain and naked without a shrub or tree in sight.  Her grandfather came from Nebraska and planted a row of lilac bushes and bridal wreath that remain today.  We brought in cactus plants from the farm and later planted little seedlings from the soil conservation office.  We planted a peach tree and mulberry trees.  Suddenly she spoke, “The yard is so tiny. It was a lot bigger when we were kids!  The trees! I watered them when they were really small. And, the street! It shrunk too!”  She recounted a story of Autumn and her packing a lunch and riding their scooters all the way to the end of Sagebrush Road!  WOW!  Now she could see it was just a few blocks!  But to a seven-year-old it was a long way from home base!

    My mind traveled back to a trip I made, not so long ago, to a small farm in Michigan.  As we drove down the now paved road, I could hardly recognize the area.  We passed house after house that was not there when I was a child.  Suddenly, there it was; the white farm house and picturesque barn, weathered and worn; seemingly out of place now amid the many modern homes.  I spied the tree we climbed and saw the old pump.  I could picture my grandfather coming there for a cool drink from the old tin cup.  

    I begged my husband to drive in the yard and just turn around, hoping no one would see us.  But they did!  Approaching the car, the man asked, “Can I help you.”  My husband explained our reason for trespassing and then the unthinkable happened.  The man sized us up and invited us in!  I quickly scrambled out of the car and headed for the very familiar backdoor.  This was it; my birthplace, important to no one but me!  I will always be grateful for that walk down memory lane.

    Our little seedlings grow and mature; uproot and move to where careers take them and so do we.  Home?  Home is where the mama is!  Remember this; no matter how far the seeds are sown; hearts are always drawn towards home.

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