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Man fails to sneak marijuana through town

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By Robin Scott

    Early Saturday evening, October 3rd, officers with the Dallam County Sheriff’s Office made a large dent in the amount of drugs trafficked through Dalhart.  Deputy Jack Reynolds pulled over a vehicle on Highway 54 East.  The vehicle had Arizona license plates and was traveling at nearly 100 miles per hour.  The stop occurred just after members of the Dallam County Sheriff’s Office had driven to Conlen to check on a Trooper who hadn’t responded to his radio.  

    The officer with the Sheriff’s Department determined that the Trooper was okay, and then headed back toward Dalhart.  On the way back Reynolds clocked the driver’s speed then made a u-turn to head back out on 54 East to stop the driver.  The stop, which would have been for speeding, turned into far more.

    During the traffic stop, Reynolds noticed that the driver was moving around in the vehicle sporadically, and Reynolds also thought he saw the man put something in his mouth.  He noticed that the driver had taken something, or put something into a backpack.  The driver’s actions gave Deputy Reynolds probable cause to search the vehicle.  His initial search turned up a handgun.  The driver was handcuffed and a complete search of the vehicle got underway.  

    Chief Deputy Kevin Martin and the Sheriff Office’s newest member, Deputy Paul Rowell, assisted at the scene to conduct the search of the vehicle.  Deputy Rowell searched the trunk and discovered a large white plastic bag with more than 4 ½ pounds of marijuana inside.  Chief Deputy Martin also performed a criminal history search on the driver and learned that he had had both drug and weapons charges out of Arizona in the past.

    Martin Allen Reeves, a black male, age 19, was arrested at the scene and transported to the Dallam/Hartley County Jail.  Reeves was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.  Bonds were set at $5,000 for possession of marijuana, $5,000 for possession with intent to deliver and $2,500 on the weapons charge.  Reeves has posted bond.  Reeves resides in Arizona.

    After the arrest, the vehicle, a 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible, was towed to Jennings’s Wrecker Service.  Sgt. Troy Thrash with the Dalhart Police Department arrived with K-9 Maggie, who alerted on the vehicle’s trunk, which was where the marijuana had been located.

    Chief Deputy Martin noted, “It isn’t all that unusual to find drugs but finding the gun isn’t as common.  It was loaded and sitting on the center console, which is never what an officer wants to run into.”  

    The drugs confiscated will be sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s drug testing lab in Amarillo for forensic testing.  The gun, a Ruger semi-automatic handgun will remain in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office as evidence until a final disposition by the court.  The vehicle was released back to Reeves after he posted bond.   

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