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You have a little bit of chocolate around your mouth

Posted by: tdt -

By Nathan French

    We all have our favorites:  our own favorite television show, singer, clothes, places, and people.  Sometimes our love affair of an item is public; other times we keep our favorite indulgence of that Snickers Ice Cream Bar our own little secret only to be caught by that tale-tell chocolate around the mouth.  At the Texan we have decided that it is time to pay homage to your favorites.  We want to honor the best of the best and our community’s choice of those places we love and those people we adore.  

    We wish to honor those who excel, those who always deliver excellence, and our favorite places and individuals around town.  We do this not to publicize your affair with an ice cream bar, but rather to honor those with the true panhandle spirit of going above and beyond and recognizing excellence in our area.

    I personally have taken a few people and places for granted.  They consistently offer excellence and deliver it

with a friendly greeting and warm smile.  However, with time, the surprise of just how great they are is taken for granted by me, and I became spoiled in their excellence and no longer showed appreciation for just how great they are but rather expected it as the norm.  Well folks, I have awoken and my eyes have been opened.  It is a privilege to be treated exceptionally and a gift to have a favorite place; it is something that deserves tribute, hence the Dalhart Texan’s Community’s Choice Awards.

    In today’s paper there is a ballot that you can mail in to or drop by the Texan office.  You can write in your favorites for Dallam/ Hartley Counties under various categories and the results will be tabulated and published in a special edition of the Texan.  So grab a copy of the paper, fill out that ballot and let your favorite people and places be known, and I promise I won’t tell anyone that I saw you rounding off that Snickers before you even made it outside the store where you purchased it. (It will be our little secret as long as you vote).

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