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The Texan expands online presence

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     Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 250 million users worldwide.  Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, initially as an exclusive network for Harvard students.  Now it is difficult to find anyone who hasn’t at least heard of Facebook, even if they don’t have a Facebook page.

Facebook allows people and groups of people to stay connected with each other via the Internet.  Creating a Facebook page takes only a few minutes.  A Facebook member directory allows individuals to search for long lost friends, family members, classmates, coworkers and businesses.  Businesses may rely on the use of a Facebook page to update their customers and clients frequently throughout the day or week.

The Dalhart Texan is excited to announce its own Facebook page.  Robin Scott, Columnist and Writer for the Texan noted, “I have my own Facebook page and I would update my status with information about articles I was writing or activities and events I would attend for the Texan.  I noticed a lot of interest from my network of friends so I created a Facebook page for the newspaper.  Within a few hours, friend confirmations began coming in.  In less than a week the newspaper had more than 300 fans.”

Scott now updates information on the Dalhart Texan Facebook page several times throughout the day.  She also noted, “One great advantage of the Facebook page is the ability to upload video clips.  I have taken a lot of video footage at different events but really had no place to use them.  Now I can upload the clips and viewers seem to really enjoy them.”  People around the Dalhart area often see Scott’s son, Charlie Rowell, in tow.  Charlie has authored several articles for the newspaper and has taken numerous photographs.  Scott noted, “The very first video clip I uploaded was shot by Charlie.  It lasts about a minute and was taken at Horizon Funeral Home when Sgt. David Davis’ casket was being carried into the Home.  In the background is the sound of ‘Amazing Grace’ on bagpipes.  I didn’t even realize that Charlie was filming that and it was very emotional hearing and seeing it later.  Being able to give audience such a virtual view of the news is amazing.”

Charlie stated, “I really enjoy taking photos and writing.  I have a Facebook page too, but I don’t have near as many friends as my mom does.  I like to play the games on Facebook and try to beat my friends’ scores.  I also really enjoy getting onto the Dalhart Texan page now and seeing my videos and photographs.”

Becoming a friend on Facebook is as easy as a click of the mouse.  From there people can find links to current articles in the newspaper, photographs that may not have been published in the paper due to space limitations, and video clips.  Scott also advises people of upcoming activities and events that they may have an interest in attending.  She stated, “I try to attend everything in town.  I’ve sort of become the cheerleader for our area.  Letting people on the Facebook page know of upcoming events that I’ll be attending is just another way to connect with the community.”

Fans of the Texan’s page are able to leave comments about articles they’ve read, or videos they’ve watched.  They are also encouraged to send messages to the Texan about story ideas, upcoming events or news that they know is happening somewhere.  Scott commented, “One of the problems we have at the newspaper is our inability to be in all places at all times.  We truly rely on everyone in the community to tell us when newsworthy events occur.  We try to get out there and report on as much of it as we can, but we really need help in discovering what all is out there.  I am hopeful that our Facebook page will allow people who are Internet savvy or comfortable being online to stay connected with us and provide us with information that helps us to get the news out to everyone in our community.”

Scott also noted, “I’m on a mission to become Facebook friends with everyone in the Dalhart area.” She stated that she sends out numerous friend requests daily and accepts many as well.  She stated, “We are living in a time of communication like no other time in history.  We are able to stay in touch with hundreds of people daily.  When I first moved away from home, I wrote several letters each week to my friends and family back home.  It took a lot of time to write letters, and it seemed like it took forever to receive a letter back in the mail.  Facebook has revolutionized our ability to stay in touch with people and to get information without very much effort.  The only trouble I’ve found is figuring out what ‘ttyl, brb, lol’ and other shortcuts mean.  The good thing is that everyone is helpful so I’m learning fast!” 

For more information on the Facebook page for the Dalhart Texan please visit and search for The Dalhart Texan.

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