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Booths, food, fun, and did I mention food?

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By Nathan French

Saturday’s Annual “Keep the Shine on Denrock” Downtown Block Party was a huge success.  Attendance for the event was impressive, with a myriad of booths and vendors to provide something for everybody.  Children also had plenty of things to keep them occupied from pony rides to gaming booths complete with prizes.  Bouncers provided enjoyment for the younger attendees, and for the older kid in all of us there was a water polo challenge.  

Any foodie was in heaven; with a multitude of culinary delights being offered.  You could purchase just about anything deep fried, even a deep fried Snickers candy bar.  I, myself, couldn’t get far away from the Jarruff’s Stuffed Jalapeño Stand, and I’m a big part of the reason that the booth ran out of its delectable peppers numerous times during the event.  Upon gorging myself to the brim with jalapeno delight I managed to shuffle myself down to the mechanical bull ride.  Daring individuals took their turn (and twist and jump) on the mechanical monster; few managed to remain upright, but as the famous saying goes with the thrill of rodeo there always comes a fall.  Thankfully this fall was cushioned, which made it much more enjoyable for the riders. 

Live music was provided near the courthouse lawn on a raised stage.  The evening’s band was Bipolar Echo, who did an awesome job performing their own originals and also some great covers of fantastic songs.  Some attendees took to dancing, while my overeaten, stuffed self found great solace in the bleachers provided.  From my birds-eye view up Denrock, while on the bleachers, I came to a realization; that this is what community is all about:  A group of people that you would otherwise rarely see together, diverse in age and culture, all united together to show pride in their community and having a blast while doing it.

Upon my brilliant revelation, I thought about sitting and marveling on my glorious recognition, but then noticed that the jalapeno stand had more devilish delights available, so I managed to maneuver my way down the bleacher without waylaying any unsuspecting bystanders in my quest to be first in line.
After once more buying all available jalapenos, I managed to take in a few more booths, but I must admit that most of the booths I paid patron to were food booths.  Chicago-style hot dogs, homemade ice cream, a random brownie, and of course a bushel of those delectable peppers were all part of my culinary repertoire for the evening.  I would have loved to have seen more of the booths, and I don’t want you to think of me as rude if I didn’t say hello, but more than likely I was in line for food, finishing up another round of peppers, or eyeing another pepper.  

So, congratulations to all organizers of the block party.  You guys did a fantastic job in organizing the best block party yet.  Thanks to all attendees for taking part in showing pride in your community, and to the jalapeno booth a sincere thanks for making my evening a sickening but amazing experience, and I’m sorry about being short with you when you cut me off from ordering any more peppers.  I understand now that it was for my safety as well as your own.  Block Party 09, great success!










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