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Jotting Judi

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Respect continued

I have been challenged by readers to go a step further with the respect issue. Other issues of respect, or should I say disrespect, have come to my attention.  What about graffiti all over town, deliberate trashing of our parks and the blatant disrespect of young people for older citizens?  These are common and degrade our community.

What happened to respect?  I know I have one answer; TV and game stations.  Parents, take time to watch what your children are watching on TV and playing on their game equipment.  Watch them squeal with glee when they “take out” police officers and mangle elderly people for “points.”  It is enough to turn your blood cold!  The TV came into our homes and rapidly became front and center; a babysitter to keep the kids busy while we attended to whatever it was that was more important than they.  A new medical diagnosis is being given to parents of young children called “night terrors.” It is becoming very common among grade school children.  Often they are prescribed medication to “fix it.”  As a Children’s Pastor, I saw case after case.  I suggested changing what the child puts into his mind! (I would have night terrors too if I filled my mind with the junk they are allowed to see.)  And, the bigger kids just get bigger ideas from watching the killing and maiming available to them on “games.”  It is time for some house cleaning!  

What happened to common courtesy? Just observe some of our older citizens coming and going from stores.  They nearly get knocked down by careless youth as they rush by. Teens have learned, as their shirts say, “It’s all about me.”  I have a shirt I use as an opener when speaking to a group of grade school children.  It reads “Never forgive, Never forget.”  It is printed right across a broken heart.  Speaks volumes, right?  

One other area of disrespect mentioned to me was this, “The mouth!”  One person shared with me the horrible overuse, in the workplace, of a certain word beginning with “F.”  Well, here it comes; “garbage in, garbage out.”  I have been appalled at the number of times I rented a movie and found it to be filled with that word.  It gets stuck in our brain.  I found a neat button on my TV; it is OFF!  Turn it off, return the movie and tell them why.  Think on things that are pure and of a good report.  Monitor what your children wear and what they are doing.  We are losing them.  Must respect be a forgotten character trait?

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