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Generosity saves treasured Merry-Go-Round

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By Robin Scott

In a recent article, Dalhart City Manager Greg Duggan sadly spoke of vandalism that has diminished the value of Dalhart’s beautiful parks.  Many of the parks have been built or upgraded during Duggan’s 21-year tenure over the city.  

After the article ran that detailed the damage done to several pieces of playground equipment, picnic tables and the pier at the fishing pond, one Dalhart based company responded with vigor.  Les Taylor Drilling, a hydro resources company, contacted Duggan to say that while business was a little sluggish, they would be very happy to pick up the broken Merry-Go-Round from Veterans Memorial Park, also called the 7th Street Park, for repairs and at their own expense.  

On Thursday, September 10th, Mike Theland, Louis Artho and Tommy Jones with Les Taylor Drilling, along with Gilbert Ramirez and Ray Lucero with the city of Dalhart, brought the Merry-Go-Round back to the park and set it on its newly custom-fashioned base.  While the men carefully unloaded the Merry-Go-Round they spoke of times that their own children had enjoyed the park’s icon.  Theland stated, “My daughter saw the picture in the paper of the broken Merry-Go-Round and she was really upset.  I told her that I was going to help repair it and she said, ‘Make it go faster, daddy!’” Once in place, the men spun it around and around to ensure it spun smoothly and fast enough for the kids to enjoy.

The company also has plans to repair the damage to the pier at the fishing pond.  The news of the repair is exciting, as Duggan had stated, “We are going to have to take the pier out because we cannot located the handrails that were all taken out.  Also a piece of the pier itself is missing, and we have no way of fixing this.”   After the article ran in the newspaper, the handrails were returned to the pier.  Les Taylor Drilling will custom repair the deck of the pier that is missing a piece.

The news of Les Taylor Drilling’s generosity was welcomed at the city offices. Duggan noted, “It is so nice for this company to come forward and volunteer to repair the equipment.  We didn’t even know how we were going to repair the Merry-Go-Round, and we thought we were going to have to remove the pier altogether.  This is great news for our community.”  

As a reminder, Duggan asked that anyone with information about the vandalism at Dalhart’s parks is asked to contact the city at 244.5511.  If vandalism is witnessed please contact 911.  The efforts of Les Taylor Drilling are an example of how important the parks are to the community members.  They have not only repaired valuable equipment and saved the city hundreds of dollars, but they have demonstrated how kindness along with some elbow grease can make the merry go ‘round.

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