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A new twist!

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By Judi Wiegman

    On Sunday, August 23rd two Southern Baptist churches in Louisville, Kentucky; one black and one white merged.  With the recession upon them, the two churches decided to join hands and become one.  One of the churches needed some younger members and the other needed more space.

    Martin Luther King Jr. often said, “11:00 a.m. is the most segregated hour in America.” Often it is the style of preaching or the music that keeps congregations from worshipping together.  

    The black congregation led by Lincoln Bingham and the white congregation led by Mark Payton have put aside color, racial issues and worship differences to worship God in “one accord.”  White hands joining black hands across the entire congregation caused a “praise God” to rise from the lips of many hearing about this “new twist.”  

    Pastor Bingham stated on ABC news, “If you are going to preach the Word and teach the Word, you better live the Word.”

    Not everyone agreed with the decision and about 20 pecent of the two congregations chose to go elsewhere to worship.