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Area business receives environmental award

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    In early July winners of a regional Environmental Respect Award were honored at the U. S. Capital building and among the honorees was Premier Ag of Dalhart.  Representatives from Dalhart traveled to D.C. to accept the award, which was given on July 9th.  The winners were selected in May in Willoughby, Ohio. 

    Mike Simpson, Operations Manager with Premier Ag, and Jack Lyons with DuPont Crop Protection made the trip to D.C. with their families to accept the award.  The Environmental Respect Awards are sponsored by CropLife® magazine and DuPont Crop Protection.  The awards signify the agricultural industry’s highest recognition for environmental stewardship among U.S. agricultural retailers.  The honor goes to those who serve farmers and ranchers with the nutrients, pest control and agronomic information and services critical to effective crop production.  Each year a panel of industry experts gathers to recognize achievement in environmental stewardship, professional excellence, and community involvement.

    Simpson stated, “As my company takes an active role in teaching and practicing environmental stewardship, it ensures that our community will prosper and grow from the efforts.  We must invest wisely now to ensure the successful future of our industry.”    Premier Ag strives to provide customers with quality crop input needs and provide information necessary to make informed buying decisions.  Another award was bestowed upon the company in 2009 when they were recognized as leaders in the agricultural industry.  Their peers selected them to receive the 2009 Environmentally Conscious Dealer, which indicates that Premier Ag has shown leadership in producing quality agricultural products and in protecting the environment.

    Premier Ag won the regional Environmental Respect Award based on excellence in site design, in-plant storage and handling procedures, proper application and leadership in safety and stewardship among customers and employees.  According to Simpson, the company has worked hard to create and maintain a workplace that is safe for the employees, the community, and the environment.  Lyons added, “What we do at DuPont changes with the planting season.  Early on we deal with irrigation requirements and later in the season with disease and insects.  It is all designed to ensure production through the season.”  Lyons has a degree in Chemical Engineering and also has a farming background, as does Simpson.  Their backgrounds, education, and relationships they have built within the agricultural community bring balance to their efforts.

    Premier Ag’s operational area is the western Texas Panhandle and generally encompasses an 80-mile radius in all directions from Dalhart.  Eleven people work at the Dalhart location, which includes Certified Crop Advisors to service it. The liquid fertilizer and mixing area is under roof, diked and contains a drain and storage tank to collect any spills and all tanks have sensors that automatically send an alarm to the sheriff if liquid levels drop quickly.

    In a news release, Jim Collins, Vice President and General Manager of DuPont Crop Protection stated, “Future generations are dependent upon our current environmental stewardship efforts.  These retail businesses take their responsibility very seriously and we’re proud to be affiliated with them.”  In the interview with Simpson and Lyons, Brent Clark, General Manager of Premier Ag noted, “Our biggest problem in our business is weather, but those things under our control run well.”

    Paul Schrimpf, Group Editor of CropLife® magazine provided commentary for the press release and stated, “It’s through the conscientious efforts of these ag businesses and the crop producers they serve that this nation is assured of a safe and bountiful food supply. We’re delighted to be able to gain them some recognition for their environmentalism.”

    Premier Ag received its personalized Environmental Respect Award crystal sculpture and a public relations campaign. For more information on the Environmental Respect Awards, visit