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Wolves gave their all for Homecoming

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By Rodney White

    For the second year in a row the Childress Bobcats have found a way to beat a solid Dalhart team.  This year on a 20 yard play.  Harper Scofield grabed the Childress quarterback by the jersey and tried to throw him down for a loss, but he somehow manages to escape and throw a pass up for grabs in the endzone.  The Wolves have 3 players covering the defender who still managed to come down with the ball to take the lead 15-14.

    The Wolves held Childress on their first possession forcing a punt to the 30 yard line, a 15 yard penalty moved the ball to the 45, where the Wolves started their first drive.  Noah Jesko completed a 31 yard pass to Devonte Burks who made the first of 3 unbelievable catches at the 21 yard line.  Pass interference against Childress moved the ball down to the 3 yard line.  From there Adrian Ruiz carried the ball in from the 3 for a touchdown.  The extra point by Zinzan Puttick was good and the Wolves led 7-0.  The Wolves really struggled defensively from that point on.  Childress put together a 30 yard drive before they were forced to punt to the 15 yard line.  Zinzan then had a 41 yard punt for the Wolves on their next possession.  Childress then had a 56 yard drive, the extra point was no good and the Wolves led 7-6.  Childress held the Wolves again forcing another 40 yard punt by Puttick.  Juan Delgado had a great tackle on 3rd down forcing another Childress punt.  The Wolves failed to move the ball and this time Childress made some good yardage and set up for a 32 yard field goal to give them the lead 9-7.

    Thomas Allen returned the kickoff  7 yards to the 42 yard line, then the Wolves had an 8 yard pass to Grant.  Burkes then made another spectacular catch for 27 yards at the 19.  Jesko then completed a pass to Kaleb Grant at the 5 with 12 seconds left in the game.  Jesko threw a great pass to Harper Scofield who was just out of the endzone.  The next play was a slant pattern to Harper at the goal line and the Wolves took the lead back 14-9 using 47 seconds on this drive, leaving 2 seconds on the clock.  Zinzan’s extra point attempt was perfect and the Wolves led 14-9 at halftime.

    The Wolves got the ball to start the second half with Devonte returning the kickoff to the 31 yard line.  Burkes had another unbelievable catch for 28 yards at the 41 yard line.  The Wolves were then intercepted on the next play and Childress took over at the 5.  Noah Jesko was throwing bullets all night long, but the Wolves could not put together a long drive.  Zinzan had another big punt to the 8 yard line.  Tyler Smith came on a linebacker blitz on second down for Childress, then Harper and Smith combined for a sack at the 10 yard line, forcing another Childress punt.  Kaleb Grant returned the punt to the 38 yard line.  The Wolves were unable to move the ball and a 50 yard field goal attempt by the Wolves was rushed and fell short.  Childress took over at the 33.  The Wolves kept forcing big 3rd down plays.  After a sack by Harper and Adrian, Childress completed a 37 yard pass to the 42 on 3rd and 18.  They then threw a 20 yard pass into the end zone to take the lead 15-14.  Childress set up for an extra point kick, but ran a quick snap shovel pass, that was intercepted by Tyler Smith and so the 2 point attempt was not good.

    The ensuing kick off was fumbled by the Wolves and Childress took over with great field position at the 22 yard line.  On fourth and 1 Landon Oelke, Rey Lujan, Tyler Smith and the rest of the Wolf defense made a great stop.  Childress moved the ball to the 23 yard line and attempted a 40 yard field goal which was no good, so the Wolves still had hope.  The Wolves kept the drive alive on their next possession by going for it on 4th and 2, but could not move the ball after picking up another first down, and were forced to punt again.  Childress was held and forced to punt into the end zone, and the Wolves took over at the 20.  Kaleb Grant had a great reception and run for 27 yards, but again the Wolves could not mount a drive.  Childress took over with 51 seconds left on the clock, and proceeded to kneel down to end the game with a heartbreaking loss for the Golden Wolves 14-15.





















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