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Choose to remember

Posted by: tdt -

By Nathan French

    As we pass this Friday by finishing up at the office, doing that last chore before leaving work, or planning hanging out with his friends. what we will be doing on the upcoming weekend, it can be tempting to forget what Friday should be about.

    It has been eight years since that day that changed America forever. Many say that the 9/11 attack is the defining moment of our generation. Almost everyone can tell you what they were doing and where they were when they heard the tragic news. But it’s not something many people choose to willingly think about.

    However, others will never be able to forget, no matter how much they might desire to.  According to Medical News Today, 900 of the 25,000 rescuers who helped on that day have developed asthma from the dust associated with the Trade Center attacks. In relation Medicinenet, an online medical database, stated that around 70,000 people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder associated with the September 11 events. Thousands of family members remember September 11 daily; because they still miss their loved one, one of the nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks.  Today, thousands of troops still fight in Iraq for the American cause.  September 11 is still alive and at the forefront of many minds; for many reminiscing over photos of lost loved ones, some toting back-breaking equipment and daily enduring the horrendous happenings of Iraq while defending our great way of life, or the worry and uncertainty of families and friends of those serving in the Armed Forces.    

    Others may not forget what Friday is, but reassure themselves that it was long ago and  that nothing can be done about it now.  That is not entirely true. It is true that we cannot take away the effects of 9/11. It is true that we cannot bring back the people who died that day, but it is not true that we cannot do anything. What we can do is our own little part to help ensure that nothing like this happens again. Be alert and aware of what is happening in our government. We are in a democracy that lets citizens participate and protest if something is not right. Know what our leaders are doing, and tell others what they are doing, and if you do not agree, say something about it.

    Secondly, post 9/11 we all have had to make the little sacrifices necessary to keep the country safer. While it may be aggravating to wait in a long line at airport security, remember it is for our own protection. If airlines let everyone just hop on, things would go a lot faster; but at the price of greater well-being. Don’t let the small inconveniences prevent you from seeing the big picture. Remember what did happen and what can happen again if we choose to forget September 11.

    We don’t only remember this day to honor those that died, but to remind us what happened and what can happen again. We stand united as a nation, unwavering to any enemy, proud to defend the American way of life and how great freedom truly is.  We dedicate today to the men, women and children who lost their lives; and to the courageous rescuers who periled and to the surviving heroes who gave their all responding on September 11, 2001.