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Adventure in Music is a success

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The Lakeview United Methodist Church sponsored a music program for children in kindergarten up to third grade this 2008-2009 school year. The children were taught John Freidman’s music for children, Recorder Karate, rhythm band, music symbols, and notes. Barbara Dawkins, a member of Dalhart Contemporary Study Club, was the program director for Adventure in Music. She also had the help of Lakeview United Methodist Church, Mary Jo Ondracek, a member of Las Viajeras Study Club, Nelda Askey, a member of High Plains Study Club, Helen Firestone, and Rose Mary Ruppanner to work with the children as part of GFWC/TFWC Top of Texas president’s project, Music for the Young Children.

As of March 31, eleven students had earned Recorder Karate belts. Each child was provided with a recorder so that practice would continue at home during the school year and on to summer vacation.

The motivated and talented women that made this program possible worked very hard to develop a plan, discuss the opportunities with schools and churches, take their own time to volunteer their time to be a music teacher, collect the instruments and tools needed, and obtain financing through grants, fund-raisers, and support from other volunteer groups.

The program showed to be successful and fun! The program is looking forward to being continued. The thought to include four and five year old children for the 2009-2010 school year is being considered.

(Photos by Susan Clay)