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Stabbing at XIT Ranch Motel leaves two wounded

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By Robin Scott

    In the late night hours of September 2nd, members of the Dalhart Police Department and Texas Department of Public Safety were dispatched to the XIT Ranch Motel located on Liberal Street.  Police quickly discovered that an altercation involving a knife was the reason for the emergency 911 call for help.

    According to authorities at the police department, two men, whose identities are not released at this time, were transported to the emergency room at Coon Memorial Hospital with wounds sustained in the altercation.  Both men were transported by ambulance.

    The circumstances surrounding the altercation are currently under investigation, and as of Thursday morning, no arrests have been made at this time.  Sgt. David Conner with the Dalhart Police Department, the Detective who is investigating the incident, stated in a press release on Wednesday that the men injured were not residents locally.  

    Present at the scene from the Dalhart Police Department were Sgt. David Conner, Detective, Sgt. Troy Thrash, Corp. Pedro Salazar, Officers Eloy Duran, Patrick Yarbrough and Steven Hayslip.  Trooper Matt Howe with DPS was also on scene.  EMS paramedics DeNisa Brown and Sharlene Kimbrall assisted in transporting the injured men to CHM.