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Mud Bog results and winners

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By Robin Scott

    The 13th Annual XIT Mud Bog was held during the 73rd XIT Rodeo and Reunion and saw many exciting results.  Each participant was scored on either their overall distance, if their vehicle became stuck, or their overall time if they finished the course.  Each competitor was judged on the better of two runs.  Kurt Haschke reported that only one vehicle suffered a blown engine, one with a broken axle, one flat tire and one starter that went out.  

    Haschke also reported that the participants all pushed their vehicles to their maximum limits, making for an exciting day at the mud bog.  He also noted that Big Cody Stephens of Amarillo was the overall speed winner with a time of 3.6 seconds, and Haschke stated, “That’s very fast!”  Other highlights included Justin Moore, a first time local talent with a run of 15.496 seconds, and Roven Haschke, a 15-year-old who was the only participant to make a full pull in the stock class.

    Results for the day-long event included winners in the ATV Class; Tim Coaly with a time of 12.17 seconds and taking first place, Jenna Hicks with a distance of 24 feet, 3 inches, taking second place and Kodi Hicks with a distance of 21 feet, 4 inches taking third place.

    In the 35 and under stock; Raven Haschke took first place with a run of 16.81 seconds, Tyler Smith taking second place with a distance of 132 feet, 2 inches and Bill Adams taking third with a distance of 131 feet, 3 inches.  The rest of that class were Josh McCauley, 91 feet, 9 inches; Joe Bob Bennett, 81 feet; Mike Jones, 79 feet, 4 inches; Greg Terry, 74 feet, 5 inches; Brian Smith, 72 feet; Kyle McLauthlin, 58 feet, 6 inches; and Jesy Hauser with 52 feet, 2 inches.

    In the 35 and under modified; first place went to Kyle Kelley with a run of 7.699 seconds, second place winner Brian Herron with a run of 9.155 seconds and third place winner Scott Lee with a run of 10.458 second.  The rest of the class were Cody Joe Stephens, 11.63 seconds; James Boo Boo Perez, 12.742 seconds; Justin Moore, 15.496 seconds; Crazy Charlie, 142 feet, 5 inches; Jim Hastings, 116 feet; Koby Smith, 74 feet, 6 inches; Salina Rivera, 73 feet, 6 inches; Tom Bernetti, 52 seconds; and Raven Haschke, 64 feet, 5 inches.

    The 36 to 38.5 modified; Scott Lee took first place with a run of 7.197 seconds, Chad Winkleblack taking second place with a run of 7.392 seconds, and Jeremy Anderson taking third place with a run of 7.842 seconds.  The rest of the class were Michael Hund, 7.861 seconds; Koty K, 8.071 seconds; Wendel Winkleblack, 8.720 seconds; Cody Melton, 9.802 seconds; Salina Rivera, 9.922 seconds; Jim Hastings, 11.989 seconds; and Bill Adams with a run of 24.747 seconds.

    In the pro modified class; Aaron Bumback took first place with a run of 4.935 seconds, Rooster placed second with a run of 6.167 seconds and Chad Winkleblack placed third with a run of 8.654 second.  The rest of the class were James Komer, 11.9 seconds; Jay Hicks, 13.61 seconds; Dakota Ratliff, 96 feet; Vernon Adams 81 feet, 5 inches; and Ray Hastings with a distance of 68 feet, 1 inch.

    Winners in the 39 and up DOT class were Michael Hund taking first place with a run of 10.591 seconds, Jeremy Anderson with a run of 11.483 seconds and Randol Copley with a run of 12.511 seconds.

    In the open/extreme class; Big Cody Stephens took first place with a run of 3.643 seconds, Aaron Brumback placed second with a run of 4.250 seconds and Kurt Haschke placed third with a run of 8.333 seconds.  The rest of the class were Scott Ratliff, 8.937 seconds; Richard Trujillo, 12.097 seconds; Jay Hicks, 12.904 seconds; Ray Hastings, 135 feet, 5 inches; and Vernon Adams with a distance of 78 feet, 6 inches.



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