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Jotting Judi

Posted by: tdt -

Who is responsible here? 

Life has changed for us since Berkley, an adorable miniature Schnauzer, joined our family around Christmas time. He is trying to take over! He acts like the puppy he is; strewing toys around the living room, begging at the table, and chewing stuff he shouldn’t. At times, he dominates our lives! We have a nice, secure backyard, where he loves to romp and play. But, he still stands at the front door and whines to have it open. Then he longingly dreams of places to go beyond the glass! He is frustrated because we limit his access, not allowing him on the busy street. He cannot understand that rules keep him safe.

I heard recently of a family that has decided to let the children make the decisions. If they decide not to go to church, they can stay home. They get to choose the menu that suits them, even if it consists of all sugar. If they choose inappropriate attire, that’s their choice. All around us, we see the results of that thinking; children with no guidelines and no direction in life. I agree that children need to learn to make wise decisions but, parents are placed in authority over them to train them to do it. It certainly doesn’t allow for an ala carte upbringing. "Train up a child in the way he should go…" is still the best. Making wise decisions is not taught by allowing wrong ones. You’ve seen her; the mother saying no with her mouth while giving the forbidden item to the child with her hand. Her response? "Well, I just can’t stand to hear him scream." How many homes have you been in recently where the little ones are making their own decisions about when to go to bed?

I call them the "children in authority generations." Since they had no schedule, now they stay up most of the night "twittering" on their phones, playing video games and surfing the web. The sleeping parents are unaware or uncaring. These generations have been taught to make their own decisions however wrong they might be. If they don’t like their parents, they can go to court and divorce them! If they are challenged by a teacher or another student, they carry a gun to settle it. (Remember what we got sent to the office for? Chewing gum or passing a note!) I wonder if a young suicide victim might leave this note, "I just made my last decision."

Here’s a challenge! Parents set an alarm for 3:00 a.m.—you might be alarmed! Get up and check on the children. Are they on their computer? Are they twittering? (Do you know what twittering is?) Are they even home? Are you alarmed?

It is our responsibility as parents to help instill that "still, small voice"—that trains the conscience of our children. It tells them, and us not to go there, not to surf those websites, not to read that smut, not to say those words.

Parents, we are responsible. Perhaps the cell phones need to be in YOUR possession at night! Hmmmm—guess I just got unpopular with the teen generation!! Whew! Glad mine are the parents now!!!