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Tax-Free Weekend nearing

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By Nathan French

Hectic crowds, overwhelming checkout lines, restless children, pillaged piles of clothing and school supplies; what could make this all worth while?  Of course, Tax-Free Weekend.  For many families with school aged youth, the tax-free weekend offers savings in these trying economic times. While you may have to weigh the savings versus a migraine headache, if you have children and are looking for ways to save, Tax-Free Weekend fits the bill.  
As students all across the country from grade school to grad school prepare to return to the classroom, department stores are quickly stocking shelves in anticipation for another years’ back-to-school blitz.  The state’s Tax-Free Weekend will begin Friday, August 21, and lasts through Sunday, August 23, and many families will be taking advantage of the holiday as the time to buy their students’ supplies in bulk.
This year, the 81st Texas Legislature passed HB 1801 which expanded the list of items that are exempt from state and local sales and use taxes during the tax holiday. With clothes, footwear and some backpacks now incorporated into the holiday, many families of elementary or secondary school students will receive a sales tax break.  With rising costs and a tough economic climate, the National Retail Federation says families of school-age children are on average prepared to spend $548 on clothing and supplies, which is down 7.7 percent from last year.
Despite the decline, according to the NRF’s latest back-to-school survey, families this year are expected to spend approximately $47.5 billion before students even set foot in the classroom.  With the tax-free weekend quickly approaching, parents are looking to pick up supply lists for their children.  Dalhart ISD school supply lists are available on the Dalhart ISD website  For a detailed list of items that fall under the tax free exemption visit
So, if you have weighed your options and the dollar value of a migraine and have decided the savings are worthwhile, then Tax-Free Weekend is for you.  Be safe, have fun, if possible, and remember to take that bottle of aspirin with you.

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