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City urges residents to spray yards

Posted by: tdt -

    Dalhart City Manager Greg Duggan is urging Dalhart Residents to spray bushes, shrubs, trees and other vegetation in their yards for mosquitoes. Duggan said he had swarms of mosquitoes in his yard, but after he sprayed a garden-hosed dispensed insecticide, he only found one the next day. The outdoor insecticides come in a variety of forms, from foggers to aerosol cans to garden hose dispensers, and are available locally at many stores. Be sure you are buying something that will actually kill mosquitoes, and not simply repel them. Also be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions and wash your hands thoroughly after use.

    The city is running foggers down the alley, but the mist only reaches so far. Also, if the temperature is too hot, the mist will simply evaporate and not do any good at all. This is why crews have been fogging in the early morning hours, as it is cool enough for the mist to be somewhat effective.

    Residents should also drain standing water from old tires and hubcaps they may have on their property, as well as change the water in birdbaths. If residents will spray their yards and remove sources of standing water, they will lessen the likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes and will make their summertime more enjoyable.

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