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Dalhart High School Dress Code Changes for 2009-2010 School Year

Posted by: tdt -

    Please be aware of the following changes to the DHS dress code as you prepare to do your shopping.  The updated DISD handbook will be on the DISD website soon at (  Please review the handbook to make sure you are aware of these changes.  

    Beginning in the fall of 2009 Dalhart High School students will no longer be able to wear jeans with any kind of hole or fraying on the surface of the fabric above the knee.  Tights will not be allowed to cover holes above the knees.  Start making plans now no fabric that has been damaged with holes or fraying (including at the pockets) will be permissible according to the Dalhart High School Student Handbook.  

    Cleavage is unacceptable.  Any shirt or blouse that displays any cleavage at all will be deemed inappropriate.  Shirts should be of a style that completely covers any part of the chest which may show cleavage.   

    Shirts and tops must cover the midriff area and undergarments.  

    Skirts, dresses, or shorts length (with or without leggings) will be no shorter than 6 inches above the knee when measured from the ground in a kneeling position.  

    No sagging will be allowed.  Undergarment and skin shall remain covered at all times.  

    No caps or hoods will be allowed in the building.  

    Inappropriate tattoos are to be covered.  

    Body piercing jewelry, with the exception of the traditional ear piercing and one nose piercing, will be prohibited at school during school hours.  Earrings may not exceed 3 inches in diameter.  Nose piercings are limited to studs not to exceed ¼ inch in diameter.  Tongue, lip, eyebrow and other facial piercings are prohibited.  

    Students violating the dress code will be issued sweats and a t-shirt.  Clothing will be returned to the student upon return of the sweats and t-shirts.  Multiple violations will result in more serious consequences.