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Returning home to an even better Dalhart

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By Nathan French

    Big city lights, the hustle and bustle, and great entertainment venues made big city living awesome, but something was missing; most simply home.  As the lines of a famous song go, “the glitz and glamour are nice, but there is no place quite like home.”  I never realized how true that iconic lyric is.  It has been three years, and I now return to Dalhart, fully knowing the unmatchable allure of home.

    Three years ago, I was an eager high school graduate ready to embark on an adventure in a new exciting place.  I worked at the Dalhart Texan as a reporter for the summer leading up to my departure, and working for the Texan provided me with invaluable experience in just how wonderful the people of Dalhart are.   

    In my travels I have found no such place quite like Dalhart.  Yes there have been beautiful places, breathtaking scenery, interesting people, but all places that I have ventured have lacked one thing; the people that choose to make Dalhart home.  Yes, I admit it; I have missed you all.  

    Dalhart’s people are like none other.  There is no feeling like the kind wave of a passing stranger, the gracious holding open of a door for a nearing patron, or the warm greeting and hug from long ago acquaintances.  Many things have changed in my absence, but in my return home I have already been re-educated on what makes Dalhart so special and unlike any other place; the answer most simply is you.

    Upon arriving in town, changes were quickly evident.  The completion of the first phase of Hilmar Cheese, construction of the new Dalhart High School, new faces, and new businesses.  However, the one thing that makes Dalhart so special remained.  The true western spirit of gracious hospitality, unending friendliness, and cordial politeness are still alive and well.

    Many towns very similar to Dalhart, faced with potential growth, abandon all regard, and with industrial growth and economic progress lose what made that community unique in the first place.  Unfortunately, these communities in their quest for progress lose their charm, their appeal, and their heritage.  I can proudly say, in my three-year absence, Dalhart has grown and changed, but has steadfastly held on to what makes this community special.  Positive growth and progress have occurred, but with minimal change to the beauty of Dalhart and its people. 

    Each resident holds a special place in our community.  You hold an influence in the community, whether you acknowledge it or not.  We are what define Dalhart.  Your kind wave, friendly greeting, and true western hospitality are the things that have brought me home.  What we lack in the glistening nightscape of lights and big city allure, we more than make up for with ourselves.  Congratulations, Dalhart on positive change, healthy growth, and the promise for an even greater tomorrow. 

    In my return, I have already been fortunate to meet many of the new faces in Dalhart.  However, I look forward to meeting even more of you.  I am back in full force as a staff reporter for the Dalhart Texan.  If you have a story to share, an opinion to voice, or a concern to make known, please do not hesitate.  I may be reached at the newspaper office by phone, in person, or by email at

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