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Welcome to the 73rd XIT Rodeo & Reunion

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By Nathan French

On behalf of the Dalhart Texan, we would like to welcome all visitors of the XIT Rodeo and Reunion to Dalhart.  You are about to experience a city and a celebration like none other.  A community and celebration that are both long steeped in both history and long run heritage of the true western spirit.  

In 1885, the first longhorn cattle traipsed onto the now famous XIT Ranch.  Although, the XIT Ranch is long gone, it remained alive in the memories of hundreds of cowboys who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the legendary ranch.  The XIT spirit lives on alive and well in 2009, in the thousands that make a journey to take part in one of greatest celebrations that you will ever experience.  We all share in celebration of the XIT Ranch and its way of life.  

A way of life that has been almost forgotten, but one well worth remembering; where hard work, determination, and zeal for the cowboy way of life was rewarding.  Not rewarding in the monetary sense, but rather in the sense of accomplishment.  So today we celebrate the past; the bygone era of cowboys, and the glorious western way of life.

Dalhart takes pride in our XIT Rodeo and Reunion celebration.  Your travel directory more than likely has a listing for Dalhart, much like “Dalhart-Population 7,500; 15 restaurants, 12 motels; Agricultural based community.”  However, Dalhart is a great deal more!  We are a town with a heart and legacy, in that we embrace a heritage as old as the Capitol of Texas.  The longer you are in Dalhart, the more you will discover, and you too will notice that there is much more to Dalhart than meets the eye.

So once more, we welcome you to the XIT city to a celebration 73 years strong.  Rest up and get ready for free food, great music, good company, and thrilling rodeo events.    Pick up your favorite cowboy hat; take a gander at the XIT Souvenir Edition in today’s newspaper; bask in the prairie sunshine; and we will see you there!

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