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Boy Scout Troop 101 heads out

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    On Monday, July 13th Dalhart’s Boy Scout Troop 101 headed for the mountains.  After last year’s very successful canoe trip to Arkansas, the guys decided to head to Colorado to bag some 14,000 foot peaks.  Rest days were open to fly fishing.  Leaving Dalhart at 5:30 a.m. the troop traveled the mountains west of Creed Colorado.  Eleven hours in the vehicles left the scouts with lots of pent up energy.  They needed that energy the next morning when Scoutmaster Christopher Joens led them to the top of Handies Peak.  

The trip covered 9.3 miles with a raise in elevation of 4,450 feet.  Dr. Weld served as the rear guide on the climb.  He kept the stragglers moving.  Multiple cases of hunger, thirst and blisters were dealt with before the group made it to the summit at 14,048 feet.  After a troop photo and a few minute rest the boys discovered they were only half done.  The hardest part of the climb was the long descent on weary legs.  After 11 and a half hours the scouts finally reached their base camp.  Assistant Scoutmasters Peter Baumert and Dr. David Thetford served as base camp managers for the trip.  Dr. Weld stated there was no trouble that night getting the scouts to go to bed as they were beat.

Wednesday served as a rest day with the scouts taking small hikes, fly fishing and playing their favorite game “Oshka”.  Thursday found Joens and Weld leading a small group of 4 scouts to the top of 14,001 Sunshine Peak and 14,034 Redcloud Peak.  This climb was much more difficult than the climb to the top of Handies Peak two days before.  After reaching the summit of Recloud the climbers were greeted with 60 MPH winds.  They then followed the connecting ridge one and a half miles to the summit of Sunshine Peak.  12 hours after starting out the weary climbers made it back to base camp.  

Overall this was a very successful trip.  12 boys summated Handies and 4 Scouts made the trip to the top of Sunshine and Redcloud Peaks.  Blisters and one minor cut were the only mishaps of the entire trip.  Scoutmasters, Joens, Baumert, Thetford and Weld are very proud of these young men.  Joens and Weld are hoping that some of the scouts will develop a strong interest in climbing and mountaineering as they have.  The scouts that went on the trip were Lee Thetford, William Thetford, Jeffrie Thetford, Cody Black, Tyler Dixon, Riley Guile, Kaleb Haaland, Joseph Haaland, James Joens, Jonathon Baumert, Joseph Baumert, Jake Hembree, David Weld and Andrew Stamps.  The 4 Scouts who climbed Sunshine and Redcloud were Lee Thetford, William Thetford, Tyler Dixon and Riley Guile.     

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