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Missing tail light lands man in jail

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 By Robin Scott

Sgt. Troy Thrash of the Dalhart Police Department, along with K-9 Maggie, pulled a vehicle over for a missing tail light on Wednesday, April 15th, at approximately 3:45 p.m.  A U-Haul rental trailer towed by the vehicle was missing a tail light cover.  The driver was traveling through Dalhart from California on the way to Kansas.  The missing tail light cover ended up causing an expensive stay in Dalhart for the driver.

Because Sgt. Thrash and Maggie are the Dalhart Police Department’s K-9 Unit, vehicles pulled over by Sgt. Thrash may be subject to a search by Maggie, a Belgian Malinois.  Maggie, a narcotics detection dog, alerted on the vehicle, which provided the probable cause necessary for Sgt. Thrash to search the vehicle.

Lt. Darin Davis and Officer Patrick Yarbrough assisted at the scene.  Sgt. Thrash arrested Bradley Hagerman, a white male, age 30.  Hagerman was placed in Lt. Davis’s squad car and transported to the Dallam/Hartley County Jail. 

Officer Yarbrough conducted a search of the vehicle’s tunk.  Sgt. Thrash recovered marijuana from the center console of the vehicle, where Maggie had alerted.  Sgt. Thrash stated, “She scratched and bit the center console and was pawing it.  I opened it and there were five to six grams of marijuana in some medicine bottles.” 

Because the traffic stop occurred at the corner of 7th and Oak Streets, the charge of possession of marijuana is a Class A Misdemeanor.  That location is within a drug free zone, as Dalhart Intermediate School was a block away.  A drug free zone in Texas includes a 1,000 foot area around any school, church or park or place where children might congregate.

Hagerman’s wife and three young children were traveling with him at the time the vehicle was pulled over.  They waited near the trailer while the search was conducted.  After Mr. Hagerman was taken from the scene, Mrs. Hagermen and the children continued on to Kansas.   A citation was issued for the missing tail light cover.  Lt. Davis noted, “We see a lot of people traveling with drugs through Dalhart.  We are just happy to continue to make our point that we don’t want drugs in Dalhart.”  A similar arrest occurred in February, when Maggie alerted on another U-Haul rental trailer.  Marijuana was found during that search also.  Sgt. Thrash commented, “She always does a fantastic job.”

(Photo By Charlie Rowell)