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Stratton Potter and Dylan Moore named Little Mr. and Miss XIT

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By Robin Scott

The 2009 Little Mr. and Miss XIT winners were named at the pageant held on Saturday, July 25th.  The XIT Corral was set up in the sanctuary of the First Christian Church on Denver.  The event  brought out approximately 200 family and friends to cheer on the contestants.  

The early Saturday morning pageant got underway with a welcome from XIT Rodeo and Reunion Director John Foley.  Judges for this year’s pageant were Mary Belle Lopez, Toree Winchell and Grant Gergen.  Their task wasn’t easy as the youngsters came prepared with songs to sing and personality to exude.  

The 2008 Little Mr. XIT Ethan Wilkerson and Little Miss XIT Elizabeth Piehl were on hand to escort each contestant to the front of the XIT Corral for an interview with Kelly Galloway.  Contestants included Heaven Benson, Brielee Gallegos, Kesley Holt, Emory Horn, Karlee Johnson, Haylee Jones, Dylan Moore and Laramee Shields for Little Miss XIT.  For Little Mr. XIT were Dallas Batteiger, Ayden Blanco, David Piehl and Stratton Potter.

The 2009 Little Miss XIT winner, Dylan Moore, sang “The Star Spangled Banner” and recited the books of the Bible, followed by, “God’s Army.”  The 2009 Little Mr. XIT winner, Stratton Potter, sang, “Life is a Highway,” and talked about a trip to Sea World, his horse named Spirit and gave a hearty, “You’re welcome!” when Kelly Galloway thanked him for participating.

    Little three-year-old Kesley Holt stole the show singing “Honkey Tonk Girl,” and “I’m a Cowgirl.”   Kesley also gave the audience her philosophy, “I like to do that thing I like to do.  But when I’m not good, I’m not good at doing that thing I like to do.” Kesley was named runner up.  Runner up for the boys was Ayden Blanco, who sang, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and included all of the proper hand movements.  Several people in the audience used their hands to get the spider up the water spout too!   Aiden also announced, “I like meat, just meat.”  Four-year-old Karlee Johnson sang “God Bless America,” which went beautifully with her Texas Flag shirt, red hat and a belt buckle that was almost bigger than she.  Little David Piehl sang, “Jesus Loves Me,” or “Jesus Wuvs Me,” that was endearing. 

On hand to assist in the event were the 2009 XIT Queen Laramie Wing, 2009 XIT Queen candidates, Jamie Frazier and Rebecca Richards, and the XIT Rodeo and Reunion Directors and their wives.    The event was hosted by the XIT Rodeo and Reunion Directors, their wives, and the Pageant Committee.  KXIT Radio and the Dalhart Texan provided media coverage before and after the event.  Donations for the event were generously given and included Thesia Mayo and family; Ethan Wilkerson and Floyd Mosier donated the belt buckles; Sew-It-Seams made the sashes; First National Bank donated $25.00 in cash; First State Bank provided two $50.00 Savings Bonds; Bank of America donated two backpacks with supplies; Dalhart Federal donated two $20.00 gifts; Happy State Bank donated a $50.00 Savings Bond; Wells Fargo Bank donated $25.00 in cash;  Hodies Bar-B-Que donated four kids’ meals; Photo Makers donated session fees and two 8x10 portraits; The Grill donated two $10.00 gift certificates; Dalhart Monogram donated two monograms; Mazzio’s Pizza donated four gift cards; XIT Directors donated shirts, bolo ties, rodeo tickets, Frisbees and stickers; XIT Communications donated trophies, lunch boxes and horses; United Supermarket donated napkins, cups, drinks and cookies; Dairy Queen donated coupons; Sonic donated free ice cream cones; Hula Hut donated snow cones; Dr. Brian Alver donated toothbrushes; the Library donated bookmarks and miscellaneous gifts were donated by Hunter Homes, A to Z and Heiser Tire.

The morning event was successful due to the diligent efforts of the Pageant Committee and everyone who gave time or gift items.  The new reigning Little Mr. and Miss XIT will attend other events throughout the XIT Rodeo and Reunion and after.

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