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Wind-powered high security data center

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    In a July 16th press release, Jerry Patterson, Commissioner for the Texas General Land Office, announced that an agreement was reached with Baryonyx Corporation to lease approximately eight acres of land in Dallam County.  The land is a part of the Permanent School Fund land and will house a highly secure computer server facility.  Baryonyx is a Houston-based corporation.

    The data center will be the world’s first wind-powered center.  It will be powered by wind turbine energy, and Baryonyx also plans to build wind farms on state land off Mustang Island and South Padre Island.  The wind farms will be built on the Texas coast.  The center will have extensive backup capabilities and security.  

    The purpose of a data center is to house computer systems away from an office to prevent damage.  According to a news release from Patterson, “Data centers require a great deal of energy to operate, maintain proper temperatures and keep data secure.” The wind farms will provide the massive amount of energy necessary to run the data center.  Excess power is expected to get returned to the grid.  Patterson also stated that Baryonyx plans to build a Tier 4 data center, the most secure type of data center designed to host mission critical computer systems with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access.

    Patterson also stated, “If the turbines are built, the state’s permanent school fund could gain $338 million over 30 years.”  The turbines should be visible from the Texas coastline.  Data centers may include backup generators and security devices.  The telecommunications industry is moving toward environmentally sustainable data centers.

    The engineering and design for the tracts is expected to begin before the end of the year.  Baryonyx plans to produce a minimum of 750 megawatts of power on each of the two coastal areas using turbines that produce up to five megawatts each.

    Ian Hatton, Chief Executive Officer of Baryonyx Corporation stated, “The importance of developing alternative forms of energy is vital and that the need to power servers for the Internet has increased energy demand and now accounts for 1.5 percent of the global energy demand.”  He also noted that the grant of the leases from the State of Texas are important milestone for Baryonyx, and also for demonstrating a way to reduced reliance on imported energy and simultaneously increasing the environmental sustainability of technology that has become core to the modern economy. 

    Baryonyx will pay the state’s Permanent School Fund a nominal fee to lease the two offshore areas for wind development and once the wind farms are producing energy royalties will get paid to the Permanent School Fund. For the first eight years Baryonyx will pay a minimum royalty of 3.5 percent of the wind farms’ total production. That royalty will increase to 4.5 percent in the 9th year of the lease, and then to 6.5 percent in the 17th year of the lease.

    Patterson also stated that the General Land Office may resell electricity to schools, prisons, cities or other public partners to earn additional money for the state’s Permanent School Fund through the Land Office’s State Power Program.

    “Developing wind energy for Texas is just plain smart,” Patterson said. “It’s not just sustainable energy to power our businesses, it’s sustainable funding for public education.”

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