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Jotting Judi

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It amazes me when I hear people say, “I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.  Church attendance is not important to me.”  It isn’t just about you!  I’ve seen it both ways; people who think they must be there if the door is open and those who never go.  

I can never remember NOT going to church.  As a young child, my parents had a “drug problem;” they DRUG me to church every Sunday and even to activities during the week!  Know what?  I’m a far better person because of it. Too many parents today allow their children to be the decision maker in this important choice and they don’t go.

I have a very good friend named Susie. Her parents had a “drug problem” also; they “drug her” to live above every bar where they worked. She vividly described for me her life above the bar; the music, fighting, and even gunshots. She cannot recall a single person who directed her toward God. Comparing notes with her assured me that my parents “drug problem” was much better. (Thankfully, later in life, after suffering a massive heart attack, Susie committed her life to Jesus!)

 I am very grateful for the influence of people at church. Looking back, I can recall those who had a part in shaping my personality; Pastors, Sunday school teachers, Youth leaders, Bible College Professors, friends and Missionaries.  Some of them walked in and out of my life never knowing that, later in life, I would count them on my “mentors” list; a list that grows with each passing year.  Some of them came into my life and have remained there as a constant source of encouragement.  They are the ones I turn to for help in decision making.  

I love to read the writings of Paul in the New Testament. In many of his letters he thanks those who acted as mentors, teachers and friends to him. Romans Chapter 16, Philippians and Colossians, to name just a few, contain lists of people who profoundly influenced Paul’s life. They were all from his church family!    

Finding myself in my retirement years, I am faced with the challenge of stepping back and relaxing.  But, looking over my list, I discover that many of my “mentors” were white-haired people; they had the most to share.

The Dalhart churches should be full!  When Sunday rolls around, don’t make excuses for non-attendance!  Take seriously that commitment you made concerning your little ones; to direct their hearts to the Lord and their feet to His sanctuary.  Go—worship—you might find out you need someone there; or better yet, they might need you!

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