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Students from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine visited Dalhart

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    Recently, students from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine visited the Dalhart area as they participated in an elective course called The Food Animal Production Tour (VTPP 948).  A total of nine students along with their instructors Drs. John Davidson, Virginia Fajt and Dan Posey made several Dalhart stops including Premium Standard Farms, Dalhart Jersey Ranch, Full Circle Jerseys, Circle H Headquarters and Hilmar Cheese.  The veterinarians at Circle H Headquarters were hosts of the event.  Representatives with the Texas Dairy Extension were also present to answer tour questions including Drs. Ellen Jordan and Ralph Bruno and Kevin Lager.  

    The Food Animal Production Tour is designed to engage first- and second-year veterinary students with a potential interest in food supply veterinary medicine and provide a working knowledge and background in production agriculture and roles of food supply veterinarians early in their veterinary training.  This will givestudents ample time during the remainder of their professional curriculum to pursue externships, elective courses, and other opportunities to improve your ability to work within food supply veterinary medicine.  Therefore, the goals are to provide:

•    Exposure to multiple types of production and processing units within a relatively short time.

•    Access to prototypical well-run operations, which will showcase the veterinary career opportunities in the field, as well as introducing production concepts and terminology of the food animal industries."