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Jotting Judi - Undivided Hearts

Posted by: tdt -

Part One

Tucked away in the Old Testament is a short book with only four chapters. It is an epic story like no other.  It starts out with disobedience and ends up with the most amazing love story ever told. It is a picture that begins with sadness and ends up with joyful hearts at peace with God.  It changes divided hearts into undivided hearts.
Let’s meet the characters. First, we meet the man of the house, Elimelech whose name means God is his king. (A name he did not live up to) Next we meet his wife, Naomi whose name means pleasantness and the two sons, Mahlon whose name means sickly and Kilion whose name means wasting away. . Because there was a famine in the land of Judah, Elimelech took his family and moved to the neighboring foreign country of Moab where there was food to eat. Then the trouble began.
Before long, Elimelech died leaving Naomi with her two sons.  Trouble escalated when Mahlon married Ruth and Kilion married Orpah. The two local girls from Moab worshiped idols. Since Naomi was a strong believer in God, these marriages caused the hearts of the family to become divided. It is a well known fact, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Before long both husbands died. Now three widows divided by a generation, ethnic backgrounds and religions stood weeping over three graves.

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