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Meet Your Neighbor

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By Judi Wiegman

    Jody Evans has been a lifetime Panhandle resident.  She moved to Dalhart from Sunray and has been involved in ranching all of her life.  For two and a half years she has operated De Ja Vu, a shop in downtown Dalhart, specializing in flowers, gifts and “gently worn” clothing.  She receives help with the business from her three sisters - Lori, Bunky and Marni.

    Jody says, “The best thing I have in life, next to God, is my family.”  She loves being surrounded by husband, Jack; daughters, Jackie and Kaycee; and her grandchildren.  She has fond memories of her third daughter, Jamie, who died in an automobile accident ten years ago.

    Her motto is “Try to live by the golden rule and do what God tells you to do.”

    Her dream vacation would be a trip to Kentucky to see the beautiful horses and all those white fences.  Second on her list would be a trip to the Australian Outback.

    If you want to give her a food she loves, cook her up a nice batch of calf fries!

    Jody remembers a time in 4-H when she won District but was three months too young to go to the State competition.  The two girls below her, in second and third place, got to go.  It was a hard experience for her.

    Jody says Dalhart has been good to her and she loves it here. Her favorite hobby is her love for yard work; she loves to mow.

    Jody is very thankful to God for all His blessings on her family, her business and her life.