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Jotting Judi - SCRAPS

Posted by: tdt -

When my kiddos were growing up there were times when the schedule was varied and harried!  There were little kids, middle size kids and grown up kids.  One of their favorite evening meals was called “scraps.”  We would gather in the kitchen, assemble chunks of ham and cheese, Bologna, pineapple, grapes, olives and pickles, apple wedges, raisins and miniature Marshmallows.  We would get out a supply of crackers and chips, lots of toothpicks, choose from the delicious array and eat our fill.  Sometimes we hung around the kitchen talking or spread out through the house to finish a school project or play a game.  In some of their homes today the meal “scraps” is still served.  For sure, Chalmer and I have it often in our home!
There are all kinds of scraps.  Growing up, I remember my mother busy at her sewing machine making outfits for my sister and me.  When she finished, she always took the extra cloth, cut off the ragged edges and called one of us to carry the pieces to her “scrap box.” Later, those precious scraps were used to design a dress for a doll or some useful household item. Mother is gone and years have slipped away. I still cherish her scrap box. Sometimes I pull it out, dig through the pieces and treasure a quiet moment with her.  Inside there are buttons and bows, yarn and embroidery floss. But most special of all are the little notes written in her elegant handwriting that describe how to assemble an item. There are even a couple of letters and cards she tucked there long ago.
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