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Introducing the Fearless Foursome

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It’s that time of year again. Football season is approaching and that means one thing: Rodney White has a bulls-eye on his back.
The Anspacher employee is the three-time defending champion of the Fearless Foursome and he is back looking for a four-peat.
Many opponents have tried to unseat the reigning champion, but it may not be possible as the man’s prowess knows no bounds as of yet. Some people call it luck, but Rodney said it’s something more.
“Luck and appearance both help,” White said. “You know, you’ve got to have that look, and I’ve definitely got the look, so that helps.”
So for anyone out there looking to take out Rodney, apparently shots should be taken to try to alter his appearance, because apparently that is his secret to success.
Hey, whatever works right?
However, last year, White had a little more competition than he would have liked. Tommy ‘Silver Fox’ Sherrill was nipping at his heels for much of the season and is back yet again to try to claim the title from the seemingly undefeatable White.
“Man, I’ll tell you what, third times the charm,” Sherrill said. “And he’s done better to beat me over the last few years, so maybe this year, I don’t know, he’s pretty tough.”
Sounds like a cut-throat battle. There may be some actual blood drawn.
But there are not just two horses in this race. We have two new competitors this year in Andy Hewlett over at the United Supermarket and Joe Warren, the new publisher of the Dalhart Texan.
And yes, Warren just moved here and there may be talk of a ringer in our midst, but trust us, Joe is no ringer.
We have no idea what he is going to do. He is coming from Munster, Tx for crying out loud by way of Montana. Do they have football in Montana that isn’t FCS level?
But in all seriousness, Hewlett could be the dark horse of the competition. His daughter attended Dalhart and several athletes work for him, so he may have the inside track in this race.
Plus, he may have another trick up his sleeve to try to get under Rodney’s skin.
“I do know his diet because he shops and buys groceries here,” Hewlett said. “So maybe, I might be able to steer him away from good brain food, so that I can have an opportunity to knock him down a few pegs.”
But will a few pegs be enough? You don’t rise to the top if you haven’t been knocked down a few pegs before.
The question is pretty simple: can Rodney White be knocked off of his throne and can someone else step up and take the Golden Wolf from his clutches.
The answer will start to be answered starting tonight when Texas Tech kicks off their season with their game at SMU.

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