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Dalhart moms on vacation

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Area houses fell silent a little earlier Sunday night as preparations began for the 2013-2014 school year. Parents suffered through tax free weekend to purchase apparel and necessary school supplies to ensure their children met the requirements for the first day in fashion. However, there was celebration and fellowship at the ROC for parents, to kick off a successful school year.
Traffic seemed to be a nightmare but was only normal after the long hot summer and little congestion around the schools. Parents were seen exiting from the schools, some smiling others with tear stained faces. “I’m happy, I can get some cleaning done,” stated Gabby Rodriquez, as she smiled after dropping off her youngest child of eight at Dalhart Elementary School.
Dalhart Independent School District (DISD) had 1,624 students this morning. That number is up from 1,590 on last school year’s opening day. “These numbers can fluctuant through Labor Day,” stated Norma Smallwood, secretary to the Superintendent.  The DISD welcomed new students along with 42 new staff members, reported Kathy Winchell, DISD.  
The most excited group of students was probably the graduating class of 2014 and the most apprehensive would have been the class of 2027.

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