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Jotting Judi - He was there, All the Time

Posted by: tdt -

Its early morning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and as the beautiful sunrise peaks through the trees, my mama deer arrives in the yard with her two young fawns.  She gets almost up to the ceiling to floor window in order to alert me to come out and put corn in the trough because she is ready for her breakfast!  She watches as I slip into my yard shoes, descend the deck stairs and head toward the shed.  Each day she follows closer and closer; almost like “Mary had a little lamb.”  Each day I wonder if I will soon be able to touch her nose. She drops her head to eat before I have the second section filled.  Back on the deck, I pause to watch her as she eats, keeps a watchful eye on those two playful fawns grazing nearby and then gracefully moves to the next yard to enjoy another course in her morning smorgasbord.  The only sound I hear is a gentle rustling in the huge maple tree. As I glance toward the tree I see Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal as they swoop down from their nest to partake of their morning meal at the gazebo feeder Chalmer built for me to enjoy. Oh, what a beautiful morning!
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