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73rd XIT Rodeo and Reunion Parade Marshal

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Huie Stanley

By Judi Wiegman

At 10:00 a.m. on August 8th , Parade Marshal Huie Stanley riding his horse, Lucky, will lead the 73rd XIT Rodeo and Reunion Parade with pride and dignity in the town where Huie says, “The people are the best,” Dalhart, TX.

The 100-year-old brick street, Denrock Ave., will once again reverberate with the “clip clop” of many horses. The festivities dubbed, “Wild Rides and Big Dreams,” will feature floats, bands, horse clubs, clowns and 4H’ers.  It is one of the few parades of its size still held yearly in the Texas Panhandle.

Mr. Stanley was born in Mt. Vernon, TX in 1936.  He spent his early childhood on the Martin Edwards ranch.  Huie loved horses and got his first pony, Peewee, when he was just six-years-old.  In1941, the family moved to New Boston, TX where his father worked for the Red River Arsenal during WWII.  Huie started and finished his twelve years of schooling in New Boston. During his schooling, he participated in many school activities and excelled in horsemanship.  

Huie received a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Ag and a minor in Science from East Texas University.  Later, he received his Master of Education degree from West Texas State University.

He was a prominent figure in the Dalhart Independent School District from 1959-2003.  Mr. Stanley was an outstanding school teacher and principal at Allyn Finch Junior High.  He is remembered by students and parents alike for his gentleman qualities and fairness.  

Mr. Stanley reminisced about a student who moved to Dalhart in 1977 from a tiny rural school in Nebraska.   Everything about these new surroundings unnerved the family.  Mr. Stanley mused, “I wasn’t sure the daddy could leave that boy at school.”  Chuckling, he continued, “I assured the parents the young man would be my ‘buddy’ for the day.  As the day wore on the student became more confident of his surroundings.”  

The young man’s mom said, “Mr. Stanley took a scared, young boy and instilled in him the ability to adapt in an apprehensive situation.  Mr. Stanley’s intuitive ability is what made him stand out as a strong leader for his students.”  

In 1979, Mr. Stanley moved from his principal position to the School Tax Office as Tax Assessor-Collector.  In 1982, he was named Appraiser. Stanley retired in December of 2003.

Married to Darlene Garrison since 1960, Mr. Stanley is the father of three children, Shari, Jack and Darla.  He has six grandchildren, three boys and three girls.  He attends the Church of Christ with his wife, Darlene.

During his 50 years in Dalhart, he has served in many community events as a member of the Dalhart Rotary Club, Dalhart XIT Rangers and XIT Rodeo and Reunion Board of Directors.  He fondly remembers working at the Dalhart Youth Center. “Every day after school I would go directly to the center and open it up for the kids.  We had a couple of pool tables, ping pong tables, and shuffleboard.  The kids had to sign in and out on a steno pad.  They would donate money to sponsor the Tom and Jerry Band from Albuquerque, NM, and one time we had 408 kids at a dance.  That was how many kids we had in all four upper grades!  Nearly every kid in school enjoyed the Youth Center.”

Mr. Stanley’s “Wild Ride!”

“It was 1971, the first night of the Rodeo and I was coming into the arena riding Lightning to be introduced to the crowd as an XIT Rodeo and Reunion Director.  The horse had been cooped up in the horse trailer while I tended to getting the concession stand open. When they called my name, I entered in front of the stands filled with junior high students.  The horse stopped. The kids were yellin’ and hollerin’ and the little flags were wavin’ on the fence.  I gigged my horse with my spurs to get him goin’ and he went to buckin’.  He bucked me right over the top of his head and I landed sprawled in front of the stands still holdin’ on to the reins. My only thought was ‘How do I get out of this gracefully?’  I spied my hat lying near my feet, picked it up, dusted myself off and mounted my horse.  He pranced right into line; where he was suppose to be.  After the rodeo L.D. Ward called me over to his pickup and said, ‘If I want someone to become a specialty act, I’ll hire one!’  It was indeed a Wild Ride!”

And, his “Big Dream”

“My biggest dream for Dalhart would be to see the town the way it was in the past; to see the businesses return to Main Street.”

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