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More rain as weather gets funky

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Call it the George Costanza of the atmosphere. You remember that episode of Seinfeld, right? The one were George Costanza decides he doesn’t like the way his life is going, so he decides to do the exact opposite of what he normally does. The idea works so good he ends up getting a job with the New York Yankees.
It was something similar that brought us a series of rain showers and downpours this past week. In fact, the National Weather Service in Amarillo reports Dalhart received 1.20” of rain since July 10. In short, the low pressure weather system responsible for the rain decided to move in from the east instead of from the west as it normally does.
“This low was moving from east to west,” explains Andrew Moulton, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Amarillo. “It was able to bring up a nice amount of gulf moisture and enough lift to give us rain.”
Air moves counter clockwise around low pressure. Imagine a low moving at us from the west as a giant fan blowing air at us from the dry, warm climate of Mexico. However, a low moving at us from the east is like a fan blowing air at us from the Gulf of Mexico, nice and moist.

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