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Benefit for infant this Saturday

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By Robin Scott

Cody and Monica Marshall were thrilled when their baby boy, Aiden, was born last November 22nd. The joy quickly turned to fear when they learned that Aiden was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary artery atresia, an uncommon condition involving defects within the heart structures of infants and young children. The defects result in oxygen-poor blood flowing out of the heart and into the body. The condition is present at birth and usually diagnosed during infancy and occurs in about five out of every 10,000 babies.

On April 7th, Aiden traveled with his parents to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas for surgery. Surgeons replaced Aiden’s too small veins with new ones. The next day Aiden required an additional surgery to repair several holes in his heart and to place stints in his arteries. Five-month-old Aiden is recovering in the hospital. His parents are at his side, along with several other family members.

Aiden and his parents do not qualify for financial assistance. Both Cody and Monica are employed and they have health insurance, but the expenses and cost for traveling and staying so far away from their home are mounting. To assist this family in their time of need, a benefit garage sale and bake sale are scheduled for Saturday, April 18th beginning at 9:00 a.m. at 1105 Maynard Avenue. Jenny Prater Marshall, Aiden’s Aunt, stated "Although Aiden is not from the Dalhart community, living in Dalhart and growing up here, I know that there are many people here with good hearts who would love to help."

In addition to the garage and bake sale proceeds, an account has been established at Bank of America for Aiden’s benefit. Anyone desiring to contribute may stop in at the bank and make a donation. Donations will also be accepted at the garage and bake sale and all proceeds will go directly to Aiden and his family. Aiden’s family greatly appreciates everyone’s assistance, support and prayers.