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An event of a lifetime

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By Robin Scott

The Dallam and Hartley Counties Historical Association and XIT Museum honored local photographer, Sylvia Renick, at a reception held Thursday, July 2nd.  Renick’s photography exhibit entitled “The Privileged” was inspired by a quote, “The Privilege of a lifetime of being who you are [Joseph Campbell].” The exhibit unveiled last Thursday is open to the public and will run through July 31st.

Renick’s photograph exhibit honors citizens of Dalhart who she believes have spent their lifetime “being who they are.”  Featured citizens of the exhibit were Gene and Louise Rahll, Johnny Trujillo, Roy Suddarth, Edwin Matthews, Charles and Netha Steel, Dell Steel, Bud and Margaret Colquitt and Kay Peck.  

The two-hour long reception quickly filled with excited guests who had been waiting in anticipation of the evening for several weeks.  The featured citizens were present to see their photographs for the first time.  Many supporters of the museum also arrived to enjoy Renick’s work.  Friends, family and neighbors poured in to take pleasure in the exhibit as well.  As the end of the evening approached, people continued to linger and the evening ran past its 9:00 p.m. scheduled end.  

Comments on the exhibit included, “Wow, Sylvia really captured Ed Matthews’ personality, and he has his suspenders on!” “The photograph showing the shadow of the woman and her dog was amazing, really art, I never would have thought to do that;” “Louise Rahll is absolutely beautiful and the photographs of her are spectacular;” and “The entire show is outstanding, and I know all of these individuals.  Sylvia has put on photo paper what we see in these people.  Wonderful.”  Enjoying the photographs and the conversation about them with the guests made for a delightful evening.

Renick is the Director of Community Connect in Dallam and Hartley Counties.  Her love and dedication to the community of Dalhart carried over into the theme of this year’s exhibit.  “The Privileged” is Renick’s third showing at the museum.  Her first showing entitled “Wildlife of Kenya” ran in 1979 and her second showing entitled “Boys Ranch Road” ran in 1994.  Her success as a photographer has and continues to benefit Dalhart and the XIT Museum.  

After the reception and after a chance to rest from the preparation and planning for the exhibit, Renick stated, “I was overwhelmed and very grateful to those who attended.  And I am especially grateful to those who allowed me to photograph them and work on the privilege of my lifetime.”