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Jotting Judi

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The Bag, the Bench, the Prayer Shawl

    Monday I went to our regular 4:00 p.m. meeting at the newspaper.  Right beside Susan’s desk sat a delightful tote bag. This bag would hold a lot of stuff!!!  I loved it!!  I envied her for having it.  We laughed together as she showed me all the “bells and whistles,” compartments, zippers and wheels.  “Where did you get it?”  I begged.  “I got it at K’s Interiors,” she began, “she has lots of them, downstairs.” “K’s Interiors?” I questioned.  “But she has tile and stuff.”  “Check out the basement,” was Susan’s reply.

    So, I was off—on a mission—bags on my mind.  I oohed and aahed as I checked out the “bag boutique.”  Then, I began to wander and spied all kinds of treasures waiting for my discovery.  I was drawn to a black bench with an ivory cushion; it won!  Upstairs I mused that Susan was in trouble now.  A bag was one thing; but a bench?  

    At home I inventoried the living room; just how would I re-arrange things to accommodate the bench.  Even more discerning; what would I tell my husband?  When he entered the room, he knew immediately—something was afoot.  It is in situations like this that he just “goes with the flow”—cooperates—moves furniture—whatever!

    Soon we had created a nice open space in front of the window.  He didn’t say a word.  “Nice!” I assured as I scanned the room.  Early the next morning, he was off to retrieve my purchase; it fit perfect!  But, the table beside it looked a bit out-of-place.  No problem!  A coat of black paint and walla—just the look I wanted.

    I roamed the house looking for just the right pillows to adorn the bench. (I knew those “trail of sales” pillows would come in handy some day!)  Next, I needed a throw or afghan to drape over it.  It appeared I would need to “shop” for that item at a later date.

    Late in the afternoon, UPS dropped off a package.  It was from my special friend, Karen, in Euless.  Knowing it would be my birthday present, I determined to “wait until Saturday.”  Ten minutes later the contents revealed a handmade prayer shawl and a book.  The brown tones of the variegated yarn Karen used were the EXACT colors of the fringe on the pillows. I draped the shawl on my new bench, stepped back and admired the new “Home and Garden channel” look.  

    As I gazed at the shawl with its incredible colors, God reminded me of the many friends He has given me in the places I’ve lived. Once or twice I balked at His choice, but those friendships ended up with the strongest bond.  My friends travel in my heart (and my cell phone), adding a special splash of color to my life.  (Thanks, Susan, for the K’s tip!)

Early this morning, Karen heard the story of her shawl.  Our hearts were warmed as we laughed together.  Miles separate us; His love keeps our friendship strong!

    “What a friend we have in Jesus!”

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