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Jotting Judi - Follow the Leader

Posted by: tdt -

Remember the game Follow the Leader? All the kids would grab the waist of the person in front of them and follow the line wherever the leader went.  Sometimes, he would seek a mud puddle to slosh through or run as fast as possible weaving and swerving to see if he could break off some of his “snakelike” tail.  Older kids played the same game when they attended victory festivities at their school’s Homecoming. By then it was called the snake dance. It started at the goal line, threaded through the bleachers and onto the streets. Sometimes a person fell to the ground. The next in line raced to grab the person in front while the fallen soldier rolled to the side to keep from being trampled. Along the way the line grew longer. The sound of stomping feet and screaming, adrenalin filled girls encouraged the leader to press on until reaching an open field and the massive bonfire. (Certainly a contrast to last week’s “follow the leader” when the people walked in silence.)
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