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Pet lovers for Meals on Wheels

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In March, Dalhart’s Cuties raised over $600 for the Meals on Wheels. The Dalhart Texan embarked on a Pet Lovers Contest including area dogs who are lending a paw for the same great cause. The contest is neck and neck but your vote still counts. The winner of 2nd Annual Pet Photo Contest will provide hot meals for Meals on Wheels. Let’s rally up for the cause and name the cutest paws in Dalhart.  
Pictures of the cutest critters in Dalhart have been submitted and now we need area businesses, residents and pet lovers to vote. The winner will be determined by the pet that collects the greatest amount of money to donate to Meals on Wheels. The pet with the most money at the end of the contest wins. The contest will conclude July 3, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. Winners will be announced in the Friday, July 5 edition of the Texan along with their picture and a bio about the winner. All of the money collected will be donated to the Meals on Wheels to assist local seniors and shut ins with meals and a visit from a volunteer each day.
Stop by the Dalhart Texan and cast your vote as you drop your money in for your favorite pet.