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City Council: Questions raised about swimming pool, little league fields

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At Wednesday’s Dalhart City Council meeting, Councilman Joe Garcia brought some concerns his constituents expressed concerning the municipal swimming pool and the little league baseball fields before the council. He asked why the pool was not open for school pool parties. The councilman pointed out that about 500 kids attended parties that had to be held in Dumas or Sunray because Dalhart’s pool was not open.
City Manager James Stroud cited a number of reasons, such as a lack of lifeguards, the resignation of the pool manager and a personnel shortage in the parks department. The city manager said they started getting the pool ready about a month ago, but they really need some stability in the pool manager position. He said the city will try to get it open in time for the school parties next year.
Councilman Garcia said some little league parents asked him why the city was not helping with the upkeep of the little league fields. City Manager Stroud said the city does maintain the fields until the season opens, and then the little league association takes care of it. This arrangement has been going on for several years. The city manager also said he arranged a meeting with the little league association and only two people from the organization attended the meeting. It is also difficult for the city to know how to set up the fields as some years the organization was an all dirt infield and other years they want grass and dirt.

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