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Recycling will save city and residents money

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By Robin Scott

The Dalhart Water and Sanitation Department sent out a message within the 2008 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report received by city residents this past week. The message is both a reminder and a plea for residents to use the correct garbage dumpsters when disposing of garbage, newspapers, and yard clippings.  

As a reminder, the green dumpsters are for yard clippings only.  If even one plastic bag is thrown into a green dumpster, the entire load must go to the landfill.  The red dumpsters are for cardboard only.  The white dumpsters are for newspapers and the beige/tan dumpsters are for household trash.  

    Equally important is the requirement that residents place any personal property meant for disposal behind their own residence, and not next to a dumpster.  Placing personal property next to a dumpster is essentially illegal dumping, and the landowner may request that the person leaving the items be cited.  If items are too large for a dumpster, or if the lid to a dumpster will not close because of items placed in it, then the items must be placed behind one’s own property.  Further, if the dumpster lid can’t close completely, then trash is not to be placed on top of the dumpster.  The trash collection crews cannot empty a dumpster with trash left on top.  

    The city also wants residents to make certain that if they are asking their children to dispose of trash that they fully understand which dumpster to use.  If a child is unable to lift a dumpster lid to place garbage inside, then the child is too small to take out the trash.  The child ends up leaving it beside the dumpster or throwing it on top.  Both lead to trash getting strewn about in the alleyway.  And again, trash left beside a dumpster is a violation of the city’s ordinances.
Dalhart’s landfill permit does not allow the city to exceed 20 tons of household trash, PER DAY!  In April 2009, the average tonnage was 18.27.  In April 2008, the average was 19.88 tons, so recycling is working in Dalhart.  If the city goes over the 20 tons per day limit, a different permit will be required, costing the city a great deal more money.  That cost would also get passed onto residents at approximately $25.00 per month.  
The city would much rather keep sanitation rates low and stay under the 20 ton limit.  The best way for residents to insure staying under the limit is to dispose of garbage correctly, using the appropriate dumpsters.  The department stated, “Please help by following these rules, and encourage your neighbors to do the same.  If you know of someone violating these rules, or observe someone from out of town dumping in our dumpsters, call David (Gonzales) at 244.2023.  We will dive dumpsters and retrieve anything that indicates the violators.”
The department also noted in its message that because the city is growing, enforcement of the ordinance along with filing charges and collecting fines will apply.  Fines for improper disposal of garbage may be as high as $200.00 per violation and dumpster.  
Using the proper dumpster for household trash, cardboard, newspapers and yard clippings helps make Dalhart one of the greenest cities in Texas.  If that’s not motivation enough, keep in mind the added cost of the city goes over its maximum allowable tonnage per day.  And don’t be shy, ask neighbors to follow the rules as well.  Keep Dalhart green and the pocketbook full.


Dumpster Alert

-  Reminder to all residents  -
Please use the dumpster for the intended use. Close dumpster lids.

Green Dumpsters:    Yard waste only. No plastic or trash.
Tambos verde:          Basura de yarda solamente. Ningun  plástico o basura de hogar.

Red Dumpsters:        Cardboard only. Please break down boxes to flatten.
Tambos rojo:            Cartón solamente. Por favor de doblar las cajas.

White dumpsters:     Newspaper only. No magazines or phone books.
Tambos blancos:      Periódicos solamente. Nninguna revista ni direstorios de teléfono.

Beige  dumpsters:     All other household trash.
Tambos beige:          Cualquier otra basura  del hogar.

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