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Picnic beneath the shade trees

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By Robin Scott

    Hotdogs, potato chips, and brownies were the ideal spread for a picnic on Thursday afternoon in front of High Country Community Rural Health Clinic.  The clinic sponsored the picnic that was open to Dalhart residents.  This year’s picnic marked the 11th for the annual event, which began in 1998.

    Area residents enjoyed the picnic-style meal while socializing with neighbors and friends.  All the trimmings to dress up a hot dog imaginable were available and many made prize-worthy creations.  Businesses and residents of Dalhart have many opportunities throughout the year to share a meal and conversation.  Events like the picnic on Thursday are a chance to see friends and family and catch up on life’s events.  A good turn out is the norm, as Dalhart area residents enjoy time with each other.  

    Bruce Schubert, with spatula in hand, cooked about 350 to 400 hotdogs.  Schubert’s wife, Joan, was also on hand along with Joe Ann Moore to set up, take care of visitors and insure a successful day.  Moore stated, “We do this every year as a way to say thank you to the community for supporting us.”  

    Several guests brought their children, so the afternoon event included everyone from infants to seniors.  The kids enjoyed playing on the lush green lawn while parents and neighbors chatted.  One guest brought Max, an adorable dog who is fast becoming the mascot for the annual picnic.  

    T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops were the attire for the relaxed event set beneath the trees that line Texas Boulevard in front of the clinic.  The shade of the trees and the nice easy breeze allowed guests to sit in 95 degree weather.  The food, weather and neighborhood atmosphere were the perfect lead-in for the 4th of July holiday weekend.