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Jotting Judi - Ruts? No Problem!

Posted by: tdt -

A couple of weeks ago Chalmer came home with a large cupboard in the back of the pickup.  The ground was soggy where he backed up to unload and consequently the tires made some ugly ruts.  As we looked at the muddy mess, he began making plans to repair the yard.  
The next morning I went to the window to “survey the lawn damage.”  What a surprise!  The area was now concealed beneath a covering of fresh snow that sparked like a million diamonds. Oh yes, the ruts were still there but God covered them!  My writer’s brain began to contemplate if there was a lesson there. Ruts? What did ruts have to do with anything? I filed the thought and moved on.
Stepping outside yesterday I noticed little blades of new grass popping up in the front yard filling in the ruts made by the truck tires.  There was the “rut” subject again and since it stayed with me all day, I decided to share it with you.
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