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Jotting Judi - Death Bed Experiences!

Posted by: tdt -

We have just experienced the most sacred week in the life of the church; Easter.  Without the cross, the tomb and the resurrection, we would have nothing to place our trust in as Christians.  There is something powerful about Easter Sunday. Like a magnet, it draws people from every walk of life to church.
Focus for a few minutes on those two men hanging on either side of Jesus that day.  What part did they play in the scene that changed everything for us as believers in Christ? Think of it, the blood that would flow from them was not innocent blood. They were both guilty as charged. Both of them, that day, faced eternity. Which would it be; heaven or hell?
Probably the last words spoken to Jesus that day as He hung there were words from the dying thief.  They were words that would nail down his place in heaven.  As he observed the man on the center cross, his heart was changed.  He directed his accusations away from Jesus and toward the second thief. He reminded him that they were paying for all the crimes they committed.  He affirmed the innocence of Jesus.

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