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Jotting Judi - A Place at the Table

Posted by: tdt -

In the spring of 2012 I spent a few days in Lancaster County, PA with my good friend, Cynthia. Little did I know that before spring would come again I would be a resident of Pennsylvania.
Cynthia called informing me they would be in the Pittsburgh area for corporate meetings and would love to spend a couple of nights with us. Being far enough along in the unpacking process, I jumped for joy to be able to entertain them!  The time was set. They would arrive just around supper time. I planned the menus and prepared to receive my guests. Then, the phone rang! “Judi, we are stuck in a blizzard in the Allegheny Mountains. We won’t make it there tonight.”
What? Obviously, we had only gotten the edge of the storm and further east it was raging in all its fury.  Thankfully, my friends were safe in a hotel and not stuck on a cold highway. They would try in the morning to get to Pittsburgh and she would call.
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