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Jotting Judi - Glancing or Gazing

Posted by: tdt -

I have a special, “right on” sister-in-law who lives in the state of Oregon.  She and I always have an e-mail, soapbox dialog going, sharing the deep thoughts that are on our minds.  She makes no apologies for the political stand she is passionate about.  I read, agree and support her with “you go girl,” and “way-to-go-sista,” comments, yet I shrink back from diving into the thick of it all.
She supports my writings in The Dalhart Texan and sometimes even saves them in a special folder for future reference.  So, when she commented on saving “Treasure Hunt,” from last week’s paper, I couldn’t help but quote a couple of her thoughts. She wrote:
“Too many Christians are not distinguishable from the non-Christian down the street—except that the Christian may go to church on Sunday. But they listen to the same music; they go to the same movies, they drink the same drinks, etc… Obviously Holiness does not mean what it meant to some of us growing up… But in our lifestyle, there should be a   difference.”

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