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Jotting Judi - Treasure Hunt

Posted by: tdt -

Eighty one year old Forrest Fenn, an art collector from NM, decided to give away a large portion of his accumulated treasure.  Why? He made the decision recently when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He purchased an airtight, waterproof $20,000 treasure chest. Over time he carried coins, jewelry and gold valued at over two million dollars to the secret location. Then, he wrote a poem giving nine clues to “would-be” treasure hunters.  The search is on!  People from all walks of life are spending countless hours scrutinizing the poem and combing the area in hope of being the lucky “finder.”  Ironically, he is now cancer free! Is he sorry? Does he want to take it back? No! He is enjoying the quest for the hidden treasure as much as when he first placed it in its secure location.
Treasure hunting has become high tech. For decades people schemed to locate and bring to the surface the mysterious treasures resting on the bottom of the ocean, preserved in the murky darkness aboard the Titanic. Many of the treasures, now retrieved, make their way around the world and are placed on display for all to see.
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