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The Las Viajeras Club’s Short Story and Poetry contest winners announced

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The Las Viajeras Club’s Short Story and Poetry contest winners are Luke Daniels, Sidney Fahnert, Colton Bezner and Kerstin Schroder.  The winners and their families and friends were invited to the club’s March 9th meeting to read their winning entries.  Their entries were then sent for judging in the state’s Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.  Luke Daniels, Sidney Fahnert, and Colton Bezner placed second place in the TFWC’s state contest.  The Las Viajeras Club is very proud of these students and their accomplishments.   

Books by Luke Daniels

    Books are fun. Books are real. Books are fake. Books are bad. Books are funny. Books are good.  Books are made out of paper.  Books are comical.  Books are in the libraries.  Books are great.  Books are stories.

I’m Just a Girl by Sidney Fahnert

    Allison hated girls.  It started in kindergarten.  I walked in the classroom and looked around.  It had red and black stripes with polka-dots.  As I walked in, the girls laughed at me.  They said my pigtails were hillbillyish.  I went by the boys.  I don’t know why the boys liked me but the girls didn’t.  

    Mrs. Battender called, “Allison to the front.  Did you hit the girls?” “No,” said Allison.  “They said you did,” she said.  “I didn’t.  They made fun of me,” said Allison.  “There’s one way to handle this, detention,” said Mrs. Battender.  “What?” said Allison.

    Recess wasn’t fun.  I had to walk steps.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s the worst!  You go up and down the curb until recess ends.  “Miss perfect walking steps,” said the girls. “ Leave her alone,” screamed the boys. “She is in trouble,”said the boys.

    I made a card for my teacher it said I love you.  I sat it on her desk.  “AHHHH!’ the teacher screamed.  I ran to the desk.  “What’s wrong?  Asked Allison.  She gave me the eye.  “How dare you?” I saw the card.  The girl in the picture said I hate you.  She sent me to the principal.  When she saw it, her eyes opened wide.  “Swats.”  “ I wrote I love you and drew a picture of me and Mrs. Battender.  Somebody got it and wrote that,” said Allison.  “Why would somebody do that?”  said the principal.  “To get me in trouble,” said Allison.  She let me go.  I walked in class. “How’d it go Alli –SON?”  said the girls.  The teacher shouted “QUIET.”  The bell rang for recess.  I picked up trash the girls threw on the ground.  The teacher saw me drop a few pieces.  The teacher asked, “Are you littering?”  “Litter?” said Allison.  “It was the girls.  They did everything, they wrote mean stuff on the card.  They littered.  They got me in trouble all along.  They deserve detention !” yelled Allison.  She turned around and said, “Did you get Allison in trouble?” They nodded.  They got detention, and Allison got a new start.   

Football by Colton Bezner

    Football is a game I like to play.  It can be played a different way.  As a young man you play with flags.  Rip one off, boy do you brag.  Pads and helmets are added to protect you, without them you’re black and blue.  To make the pros, it’s in your dreams some do make it, as tough as it seems.  But for now the way I play I like the best on the couch, Playstation 3 where I can rest.  

The Queer Noise by Kerstin Schroder

Once there was a family     of four, a mom, a dad, the oldest girl’s name was Nicki and the younger girl’s name was Katie they lived far out in the woods.  

    One night Nicki woke up because she heard a strange noise far out in the woods.  She thought it just was a coyote or something.  So she went back to sleep, but she was wrong.  The next morning she woke up again because she heard the same noise.  She went downstairs to tell her mom, dad, and her sister but they were no where to be seen.  She flung open the door, ran to town, found the sheriff and told him the story.  The sheriff decided to help her.  So they went looking for Nicki’s family.  They were looking and looking for Nicki’s parents but they could not find them at all.  That night the sheriff asked Nicki to stay the night with him since her parents were missing.  That night Nicki didn’t hear a single noise.  She felt very safe being with the sheriff knowing he would protect her from anything that got near her or frightened her.  The next morning they made posters and hung them up all over town.  Meanwhile, Nicki’s parents had gone out to find out what that queer noise was.  While they were out looking  Nicki’s family found a cool place in the woods. They decided to try to look for Nicki but couldn’t find her and decided they would camp out that night.  Nicki stayed with the sheriff one more night.  The next morning, Nicki and the sheriff decided to look in the woods.  They went deep into the woods.  They kept looking and looking when they came across a tent.  So they went back a little ways and waited till the owners’ returned.  When they returned Nicki realized it was her parents!  She was happy to see them again.  She told them the whole story and how the sheriff was so nice to her.  Nicki asked “Where were you, Katie?” Her mom replied. “We went out to find out what the queer noise was.  We never found out what it was, but it will always remain a mystery.”  Her mom, dad, and sister told her that they wanted to build a house where they were camping and Nicki agreed and they lived happily ever after.

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