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Grandparents beware of scams

Posted by: tdt -


It’s 3:00 a.m. and the phone rings. Your 76 year old mother answers the phone and there is a young lady on the phone crying uncontrollably, “Grandma, I’m in trouble! I’m in Mexico and I’ve been arrested. I need $1500 to get out of jail and you can’t tell mom and dad!”  She replies, “Lacey is that you?” The young lady says, “Yes grandma, I was with someone that got arrested for drugs and I got arrested too, but they weren’t mine, please, please help me get out of jail and don’t tell mom or dad.
So, your 76 year old mother goes to the bank first thing in the morning, withdraws $1500 and wires it to Guadalajara, Mexico via Western Union. Your mother waits and waits but never hears from her granddaughter. She finally calls her son, “Bill this is your mother, what is Lacey’s phone number?” Bill calls out the number to his mother and she replies, “Well, that’s what I thought.” Bill asks his mother what is going on and fearing for her granddaughter’s life you breaks her promise and tells her son what happened. Bill’s mother as just become the victim of the latest scam.

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